Field Trips

Lower Elementary students begin our sequence of travel programs by exploring the world alongside older students, gaining practical skills that build self-confidence and independence.  Whole-school field trips include such activities as an annual spring camping trip, visits to Kennedy Center performances, and STEM expos.

"Explore a City"

Each year, Upper Elementary students travel to a major U.S. city to visit well-known landmarks, attend events and, just as importantly, develop the practical skills required to navigate the larger world around them.  From planning metro trips and meals to money management and fundraising that supports special activities, students are engaged in all aspects of exploring a city.

Montessori Model United Nations

Middle School students will travel to Rome, Italy this year for Montessori Model U.N. this year, whewre they will participate in a two-day global simulation experience, plan their own sight-seeing agenda, and immerse themselves in the local culture.  As with our Field Trips and "Explore a City" program, students prepare by fundraising, then creating a budget that they manage leading up to and during their travel.


Our year-round garden has a farm-to-table emphasis, allowing us to teach concepts and skills of sustainable gardening, food production, meal planning, composting and more.  Our garden also supplies the school's cooking program.


Weekly cooking classes on-site, using vegetables from the garden and other whole foods.  Our cooking program provides hands-on instruction, with an emphasis on healthy snacks and mindful eating.  It will eventually supply our healthy snacks program and other products for our school incubator and fundraising efforts. 

School Business Incubation & Entrepreneurship

As our garden and cooking programs mature, we will build on student ideas for creating and selling our own products both within the school and, eventually, via local distribution.  This allows for our program to come full circle, by bringing in funds to support further culinary development.