Hello Parents!

Recently we sent out a survey to you in attempt to get some well-valued opinions and insight into your experience as pioneer parents.  From day one we have set out to be better each and every day we are in operation.  You, as you always do, responded!  Thank you all so much for the constructive feedback and suggestions for the future.  We cannot promise to always get things right, what we can promise is that we will always continue to learn and improve, just like the students we teach.  

One key point that stuck out with this survey was that you as a parent group felt we needed to improve on communication.  In response to that, I will be writing a weekly newsletter to inform parents of upcoming events, and of course, to address the issue of communication of the specials teachers.  (Music, Tech Discovery, Spanish, Art, Science Etc..)  Weekly, you will receive an overview of what was covered in each curriculum.  This way, you can feel involved in the process and ask questions at the dinner table with your children.  

We will continue to survey you to figure out how we can improve, what we are getting right, or things we need to work on.  Thank you all so much for your support.

- Garrett


This week in art the students read "Why Is Blue Dog Blue?," by George Rodrigue.  This book is a "tale" of color!  The children then did their very own Blue Dog art projects which came out beautifully!  


This week in music we began our guitar class!  We broke into groups of 5 and each received a beginner lesson for 20 minutes!  We covered the first page of Hal Leonard's Guitar Book One.  In this lesson we reviewed the bottom string and learned E,F, and G.  We played the three notes on the Treble Clef using quarter, half and whole notes.  We will be sending home guitars once a week with your child to practice what they are learning using the sheet attached to their My Homework App.  Please return the very next day as other children need to take them home!  


In Spanish this week played our "Spanish Game Show" where the students break into two groups and compete for points!  Then second lesson of the week was directional language.  The students were blindfolded and sent through an obstacle course using the Spanish terms for left, right and straight to get their friends to safety!  It was a blast.


This week in Tech, the Lower El students attached their screens to their Raspberry Pi computers!  They will now use these computers to begin a study of code!  

Upper El and Middle School were tasked with building a computer from the ground up with the budget of $500.00.  They are attempting to build the best computer they can for the budget.  I can't wait to see where they go with this!  

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