This is an exciting year for Berthold's Culinary program! We are not only deepening our cooking and gardening programs, but also pairing them with a new interdisciplinary Food Studies class.

In the Fall, Middle Schoolers will read Michael Pollan's book The Omnivore's Dilemma to better understand how food gets from its source to our plates. This involves examining a variety of food systems, from large-scale industrial farming to local, sustainable sources. We'll explore the many political and social dynamics as well as the science behind food and food systems. Later in the year, we'll watch the Netflix series, Cooked and explore how human beings evolved as our cooking practices evolved. These themes will be explored at appropriate levels in Upper & Lower Elementary as well.

In Culinary, all students will learn how to make simple snacks, lunches, and one-pot meals from scratch using whole ingredients. The emphasis will be improvisational cooking while encouraging students to discover a variety of recipes using vegetables, whole grains, legumes and grass-fed, organic meats. Along the way, we'll also practice mindful eating to encourage savoring the nuances of healthful foods as well as the joy of eating in community.

This year, our goal is not only to cook foods harvested from our garden but also to establish a regular maintenance system in which the students fully participate. An additional ambition is to define and sequence a summer garden program in collaboration with our students so that our entire community can share and enjoy the bounty of summer!

As we do all this, we'll be publishing recipes, resources, lesson descriptions, and reflections on classroom projects and activities on our website throughout the year! Our goal is to for students to understand more about where their food comes from, how to grow a garden, find sustainable local food sources, and simply cook healthy snacks and meals.

Please join us on our Culinary journey by following us on Facebook, visiting the website for resources, and trying recipes along with us!