Mindfulness is the quality of paying attention, on purpose, to the present moment and noticing our external and internal experience of that moment without judgment. 

Berthold's mindfulness curriculum begins with Mindful Schools' research-based, sequenced weekly classes. As students work through the program, gaining personal awareness and proficiency, we integrate the training into our own customized, creative sessions and begin developing student-led mindfulness sessions and programs based on their interests. Areas of focus are:

  • Trimester One:  Foundational Practices, Anchoring & Noticing Body Sensations
  • Trimester Two:  Learning to Shift Attention & Listen Deeply
  • Trimester Three:  Exploring How We Can Be Mindful Together

Personal Development

In addition to Montessori's foundational principles of child development, we integrate Character Lab's researched areas of focus to highlight specific areas of development each year, and to define programs and support for personal development goals.Our focus this year is on "Self-Control." Self-control involves inter- and intra-personal development skills as well as organizational processes taught within our Concept Exploration classes each week. Students' organizational and self-awareness goals are supported each day through practical organizational tools and planning processes, as well as real-life responsibilities and experiential learning.


Yoga itself has many different definitions and interpretations. At Berthold, physical yoga practices and breath practices enhance and support the mindfulness and intra/interpersonal growth of each of our students. 

The body holds an infinite well of wisdom that can be accessed through the practice of yoga both on and off the mat. This wisdom not only helps students understand themselves more deeply, but also helps them navigate interactions with others, allowing them to fully embody who they are. 

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What's Happening Now!

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