• Academic Learning

Berthold Academy is rooted in the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy.  Each student receives a high quality Montessori education.  

We match Montessori’s learner outcomes to Virginia state standards (a common core derivative).

Parents can rest assured that our goal is for each student to be prepared for the future. In this we must assess their abilities to standards used in the traditional system. 

  • Intra/Interpersonal Development

In preparing your child for the future we teach a mindfulness program at Berthold Academy.  Our educators train in this practice to implement to our students giving them a sense off who they are and how they think.  This, “meta-cognitive” thinking is crucial to accelerating the child’s capability to learn and evaluate their own approach to learning.

  • Montessori Experiential Learning

A crucial part of the Montessori Upper and Middle School curriculum is what is called “going out.”  Students explore practical skills like cooking, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and goal-setting to build upon their wisdom of life, and prepare them for a sound future.