• Academic Learning

Berthold Academy is rooted in the Montessori philosophy and pedagogy.  Each student receives a high quality Montessori education.  

We match Montessori’s learner outcomes to Virginia state standards (a common core derivative).

Parents can rest assured that our goal is for each student to be prepared for the future. In this we must assess their abilities to standards used in the traditional system. 

  • Intra/Interpersonal Development

In preparing your child for the future we teach a mindfulness program at Berthold Academy.  Our educators train in this practice to implement to our students giving them a sense off who they are and how they think.  This, “meta-cognitive” thinking is crucial to accelerating the child’s capability to learn and evaluate their own approach to learning.

  • Montessori Experiential Learning

A crucial part of the Montessori Upper and Middle School curriculum is what is called “going out.”  Students explore practical skills like cooking, entrepreneurship, mentorship, and goal-setting to build upon their wisdom of life, and prepare them for a sound future.





At Berthold Academy we offer Montessori-based first through eighth grade divided into the following environments:

Lower Elementary (6-9 years old)

Upper Elementary (9-12 years old)

Middle School (12-14 years old)

Secondary I & II Coming Soon (14-18 years old)

Children in the 6-14 age group are starting to realize that the world is an enormous, interesting place. They are primed to study continents, cultures, scientific concepts, and great literature. The world becomes their classroom.

The carefully developed elementary curriculum guides the child through identifying, classifying, and researching all of the fascinating concepts in each chosen field of study. The areas of practical life, language, math, geometry, botany, zoology, geography, and history are all represented in the classroom, with materials that lead the child to abstraction of the fundamental concepts in each area.

Field Trips

Lower Elementary students begin our sequence of travel programs by exploring the world alongside older students, gaining practical skills that build self-confidence and independence.  Whole-school field trips include such activities as an annual spring camping trip, visits to Kennedy Center performances, and STEM expos.

"Explore a City"

Each year, Upper Elementary students travel to a major U.S. city to visit well-known landmarks, attend events and, just as importantly, develop the practical skills required to navigate the larger world around them.  From planning metro trips and meals to money management and fundraising that supports special activities, students are engaged in all aspects of exploring a city.

Montessori Model United Nations

Middle School students will travel to Rome, Italy this year for Montessori Model U.N. this year, whewre they will participate in a two-day global simulation experience, plan their own sight-seeing agenda, and immerse themselves in the local culture.  As with our Field Trips and "Explore a City" program, students prepare by fundraising, then creating a budget that they manage leading up to and during their travel.


Our year-round garden has a farm-to-table emphasis, allowing us to teach concepts and skills of sustainable gardening, food production, meal planning, composting and more.  Our garden also supplies the school's cooking program.


Weekly cooking classes on-site, using vegetables from the garden and other whole foods.  Our cooking program provides hands-on instruction, with an emphasis on healthy snacks and mindful eating.  It will eventually supply our healthy snacks program and other products for our school incubator and fundraising efforts. 

School Business Incubation & Entrepreneurship

As our garden and cooking programs mature, we will build on student ideas for creating and selling our own products both within the school and, eventually, via local distribution.  This allows for our program to come full circle, by bringing in funds to support further culinary development. 


Powered By AltSchool

Powered By AltSchool


Berthold Academy's mission goes far beyond modernizing Montessori.  We want to disrupt the educational system at its core and provide an alternative that proves far more enriching and dynamic than the current public and traditional system.  This year we announce that Berthold has been chosen for a pilot partnership with AltSchool to "super-power" our time tested philosophy to allow us the capability for every child to receive what Montessori wanted at the core:  For the educator to truly, "follow the child."

Recently AltSchool, the most recognized and forward-thinking educational technology company in Silicon Valley, received more than 100 million dollars of investment from Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook) and others for its mission to enable all children to reach their full potential.  AltSchool is a team of 150 educators and engineers all working together to create an education technology platform, designed to enable schools nationwide to offer a deeply personalized, whole-child experience for each student.  So far, AltSchool has been building the technology inside its own network of schools in California and New York.

Out of hundreds of applicants, Berthold Academy was chosen as the very first to begin testing and using the platform.


Berthold Academy --- Powered by AltSchool


Welcome to Berthold Academy, part of the AltSchool network!

Berthold Academy has partnered with AltSchool, a revolutionary combination of educators, entrepreneurs and engineers whose mission is to deliver personalized, whole-child learning so that every child can reach his or her full potential.

AltSchool runs its own lab schools in San Francisco and New York and recently formed exciting partnerships with a few leading schools across the U.S.  Berthold Academy was selected to participate from hundreds of other schools.  The partnership leverages AltSchool's proprietary product and services platform and includes Berthold Academy as a partner in their network of schools.

Together, we are transforming the educational experience to better prepare students for a successful future.  We invite you to join us on this journey.

How does technology help deliver a truly personalized education?

AltSchool technology helps teachers understand their students as individual learners - from a perspective that's both deep and wide - so they can develop and deliver a comprehensive, personalized curriculum that helps each child thrive on his or her own terms.  

What makes AltSchool different from other educational technology solutions?

AltSchool isn't just a software company; it's a technology in practice.  They started by opening their own lab schools, enabling their development of tools that not only follow best educational practices, but have proven to be relevant, practical, and useful in the classroom environment.  AltSchool also increases transparency and communication between parents and educators, creating the ideal learning experience for your child.

What will the learning experience be like for my child?

Just as every child is unique, so is their journey to success in school and life.  It is from this point of view, coupled with extensive educational research about how kids learn best, that AltSchool has developed software that enables educators to deliver a 21st century education, helping students to become successful learners for life (not just in school.)

When does all of this begin?

Berthold Academy and AltSchool are preparing for the coming 2017-2018 school year and are in the process of designing a thoughtful and custom integration of AltSchool's technology platform and support services, which will include training on educational best practices.  Once your child is enrolled, he or she will experience all of the benefits of being a part of the AltSchool network.

How can I learn more?

Visit www.altschool.com for more information.