We’ve watched them since they were babies, held their hands as they started walking, guiding them through the younger years and now perhaps not so much? The struggle for independence is real, its live! We watch our children make choices, encourage them to be their best, aim to show them the art of introspection and mindful action and find the quiet space within in a dynamic and sometimes, chaotic world. Is it easier growing up now than it was for us? Certainly technology has more than simplified research assignments and knowledge seeking, but truly can it aid in the holistic development of our younger ones? 

Perhaps, when in balance and when responsibility over it is taught and learned, the pull of technology can be managed through the child making wiser and more independent decisions, to follow through on tasks to completion and the self realization that limits can enhance the experience with technology while not overpowering the daily routine. Everyday, in so many ways, our children aim to push forth their independence, to make their own decisions and these choices can evolve. Starting out as their personal

expression in clothes to the lunches or meals they want to prepare, or searching for information on every internet connected device possible (does it feel like Siri is more of a guide than we are?). Yet, when we appreciate our children's choices, encouraging them to think for themselves, and plan for and allow their mistakes to be their own correction, we will see the blossoming of independence in diverse areas. The greatest of all outcomes will be their high self-image. When we set mindful boundaries, freedom with responsibility and gentle guidance, this stokes the fires of self worth, purpose and creativity as well. 

So, here’s to us being aids to life, cheering on our champion children and their choices and being present when they falter and then teaching them to get up one more time to try again. 

Hoorah! For our children are budding independence! 

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