We are so excited to roll into the third year of Berthold Academy!

This summer, the Berthold staff has spent its time preparing.  We chose in the spring of this past year to table our camp ideas and strictly hone in on the experience for our students for the 2017-18 School Year.  It was Rodney and I’s responsibility to make sure that our team felt secure and supported through this transition and that the parents and students have the proper amount of support and onboard training that didn’t feel taxing and was meaningful to progressing their learning power.  

Being the only Montessori first grade through ninth grade school in the area, we know we have a lot of ground to cover.  We know that our challenges will grow in the high school years, and we know that the potential that we will unlock in our students will be awe-inspiring.  We will be able to track the growth in so many different ways of a Montessori student beginning their path in first and graduating as a 12th grader.

We have worked so very hard to craft next year’s experience and we are so pumped to share it with you.  We feel we are on the verge of something truly transformative and know that you will agree once you and your child begin to feel what it is like to have amazing transparency, easy to understand reporting and a deeply personalized curriculum.  Simply put...your child, is our world.

If you are a parent of Berthold Academy...we will see you soon.  If you are interested in Reston’s only Montessori school going into high school.  Give us a call!  Email us!  Come and see us!  Or, do ALL of the above!


Our best,


Berthold Academy