Education Begins Within Us.

 My business partner and our founder, Rodney Berthold and I have spent a good part of the past two years defining who we are as a school and refining the beautiful education we have crafted here.

 This mission began when we first made the decision to go into business together.  It was a very exciting time!  We sat for hours talking about what we did and didn’t like about the previous schools we worked for.  We labored over what we wanted the experience to feel like for children at our school.  We knew exactly what we wanted yet lacked the knowledge of how to get there.  

 Academics was the easiest portion to figure out.  We would root our academic education in the Montessori philosophy we felt so strongly about with supplements for students who needed, or seeked them out provided by whatever we felt worked best for that child. Could be web based application, a series of books, or summative assessment created by our teachers.  We would serve the student no matter what.

 Then came our experiential classes.  Think, learning by doing.  This portion was difficult to talk out with timing of classes, length, what we defined as success in them, and what the outcome would be at the end of the year.  By the beginning of last school year we had things worked out and school began!  

 Last but certainly not least was our inter/intrapersonal development curriculum.  We trusted in our yoga instructor Jessica Fawcett to guide us in the education of mindfulness and self.  We leaned on her to guide our students to awareness of self and body.  Yoga became a very useful tool in our school.

 What we realized in all of this was that education truly begins within us.  That to be an effective student, children must begin the journey of understanding themselves in their space.  Not only physically, but mentally.  Framing scenarios and questions that help them make choices to define themselves.   We found that the more we had them pull back in situations to view from above the more they were empowered ot make changes in their learning process to improve their learning capabilities.  This became the center pillar of our approach.

 Once we realized this our approach to education became extremely clear.  Begin with the education of one’s self and let that brilliance trickle-down to their academic studies. Below is exactly who Berthold Academy is.